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March 25, 2022

What I learned PODCASTING

What I learned PODCASTING

When we decided to do a podcast in October 2021 I didn't know what an audio interface or an RSS feed were.  I had no idea what it entailed to create a podcast and quickly learned how to be a host, audio engineer, post production editor and marketing manager. 

We stumbled through the set up until we found the right mix of microphones, headphones, interface and recording software.  I did hours of research before ordering our equipment and $2500 later we had a great set up for our show. 

On our first day of recording I was very nervous.  Would anyone listen?  Would we suck and not have any friends close enough to us to tell us?  Would we get hate mail because of some opinion or topic we discussed?  Would we record hours of content and then lose it during editing? 

Looking back our strategy of just jumping in paid off.  We stumbled a few times but our first show was met with overwhelming enthusiasm.  We've built from there learning tips and tactics during every episode to improve and grow. 

We'll keep recording and enjoying each guest.  I have learned so much about people that I have known for years. 

Podcasting has made me aware of a side of me that craved the ability to create and be artistic.  It's a fun part of me now and I will continue to produce the best shows we can for years to come. 


Steve Mallett has lived in Dripping Springs since 2003 and has been in Real Estate since 2004.

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