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Excellent Show & Terrific Guests

Love hearing Mallett & Michelle showcase local Dripping Springs talented entrepreneurs & hard working people who make Drip what it is. Learning about guests personal journeys on the way keeps it real, fun & fascinating!

Great Show!

Love all the insight and getting to meet the guests. I've already learned a bunch about Dripping Springs. Great job Steve and Michelle!

Great job

Sounds as if y’all are off to a terrific start. Can’t wait to hear more.

Great information from area experts

I love the format and the chance to learn more about the guests you have on the show. I look forward to the next one.

Always a first time

Great FIRST podcast ever Mallett and Michelle! Loved your back and forth chats and your interview with Mike Coble. It was nice learning more about the town I now live in, where I wanted to live long before meeting Steve Mallett and now getting some inside scoops on some people I’ve met since moving to Dripping is icing on the cake! 🍰