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Jan. 24, 2023

Ep.56 Crafting Your Own Life (Yazmin Castaneda of Origin Mexico)

Ep.56 Crafting Your Own Life (Yazmin Castaneda of Origin Mexico)
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  • Rinky Dink Domino Hall
  • 18 Lightning Strikes Per SECOND!
  • Mexican/American History Cliff Notes

Yazmin Castaneda is a first generation Mexican American.  She aspires to grow her connection with Mexico and help create a space where artisans can showcase their ethically made goods to the global market. For her,
Origin Mexicorepresents an opportunity to give back to Mexico’s artisans and symbolizes the gratitude for the many opportunities presented to her family which have led her to her current path.
She started Origin Mexico in 2020 after moving to Texas from Southern California and beginning her path to being a true Texan.

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